3 Most Common Myths About Feet

Here at McKinney’s Podiatric Associates, P.A., we’ve decided to start off April the right way by celebrating “Foot Health Awareness Month” with the American Podiatric Medical Association! Though your foot health is always important to us, April is a great time of the year to talk about dispelling some of the myths of foot health. Here are three myths about foot health that have been myth-busted by our podiatrists:

Myth #1 – “Feet get worse with age.”

The first myth to be busted is that our feet get worse as we age! Though aging is an unavoidable process of life, word has it that it’s “natural” or “normal” for our feet to worsen with age. Well, you can consider this myth busted: it’s not true! Our muscles, ligaments, tendons, and bones do age along with us, but many of the symptoms and conditions we associate with “old age” are preventable. Establishing a relationship with your podiatrist as soon as you experience problems is the best way to avoid your feet worsening as you grow older.

Myth #2 – “Walking barefoot is good for our feet.”

Many people believe that walking barefoot is good for the health of their feet – they feel that it can strengthen their muscles and toughen them up. The strange part about this is that the only thing “toughening up” when we walk barefoot is the skin of our feet. When we walk barefoot, it leaves our sensitive skin and muscles exposed to harsh terrain. This can lead to developing callused feet, or extremely thickened skin, to protect your skin from the terrain. Calluses can be uncomfortable and unsightly, and our feet are simply not equipped to walk barefoot anymore, so do them a favor – wear protection in the form of supportive shoes!

Myth #3 – “Our feet don’t need sunscreen.”

Our third myth to be busted is perhaps the farthest from the truth – no matter what part of your body is exposed to the sun, it needs to be protected from harmful UV rays that can cause sunburn and potentially even skin cancer. Since our feet are covered up the majority of the time, the skin on the top of our feet is especially sensitive to the sun’s harsh rays. If you’re wearing sandals, be proactive and apply sunscreen at least 15-20 minutes before putting them on to head outside. Your feet will thank you later!

We may have only gone over 3 of the most common myths about feet but trust us, there is a whole lot more where that came from! Take this opportunity to celebrate foot health awareness month by calling in today at (713) 946-1500 to schedule an appointment with your trusted podiatrist.