4 Tips to Clean Shoes & Happy Feet

Our shoes are there with us through it all. They trek across puddles, through the mud, and against rough gravel and pavement. They may not be able to speak, but your shoes are telling you something: they want to be cleaned. Did you know that you don’t have to always go to a professional to get a shiny finish on your shoes? Here are some tips to help your older shoes look younger again and keep your new shoes looking fresh even longer.

Soak ‘em!

Using a bucket just a little larger than the width of your shoes side by side, fill it with just enough water to soak your shoes up to where the rubber sole meets fabric. You will want to put a tiny, tiny amount of laundry detergent in the water. Put on a pair of gloves and mix it up until the warm water begins to bubble and soak your shoes for 5-10 minutes.

Scrub ‘em!

After the 5 – 10 minute mark, you can take them out of the water and begin scrubbing. Be sure to use a soft bristled brush that is just abrasive enough to get the tough-to-reach dirt in the soles of your shoes but gentle enough to not scratch and damage the rubber. With a damp towel, rub any spots on the other parts of the shoe to clean off debris or dirt. Being that the water in the bucket is dirty, make sure you rinse your shoes off with clean water only.

Dry ‘em!

It’s time to dry! Prepare a dry towel on the floor to place your shoes. If you have a fan in the room, be sure to turn it on as this will help dry it faster. Better yet – if you have an outdoor space and it is a nice day, you can put your shoes outside to be air dried by the warm sun.  Placing them upside down will help them dry even more quickly! Leave your shoes to dry for a few hours.

Spray ‘em!

Now that your shoes are dry, it’s time to spray them. At many shoe stores, you can get an easy to use spray can containing a protective formula that will dry onto your shoes and make them less susceptible to wear and tear, as well as help them be more waterproof. This will ensure that your old shoes stay nice after you’ve worked hard to clean them and will keep your new shoes looking better even longer.

Now you know how to keep your shoes shining throughout the year. At your next appointment with our doctors at McKinney Podiatric Associates, your shoes are sure to impress! To learn more, message us or call us today at (713) 946-1500 to schedule your next appointment with Dr. McKinney and associates at one of our 8 convenient locations in the Houston area and surrounding towns.