Arthritis Awareness

Did you know that arthritis is categorized as a type of disability? Arthritis is actually one of the leading causes of disability among adults in the U.S. Though many people see arthritis as an inevitable fact of life, education and prevention are keys in managing life with arthritis. Nearly 54 million adults have been diagnosed with arthritis – among other foot problems. The most common type of arthritis is osteoarthritis, affecting approximately 31 million people today. When it comes to the numbers, women are affected by arthritis more often than men. This can be attributed partially to the majority of rheumatoid arthritis sufferers being women. There have been connections found between certain conditions and a person’s likelihood of developing arthritis, such as heart disease, diabetes, and obesity. Despite arthritis affecting so many people each year, being diagnosed with arthritis or knowing that you might be at risk doesn’t have to be a negative experience! When caught early, arthritis in the feet can be easily managed between you and your podiatrist. Even if you didn’t catch it early, there are some simple ways to help relieve and reduce the symptoms and side effects of having arthritis. Though these tips and tricks will vary depending on the severity and type of arthritis you are afflicted with, here are some helpful ways to manage to live with arthritis:

When your feet and ankles hurt from arthritis, we feel inclined to rest our aching joints. Studies have shown, however, that being active and keeping your joints moving actually helps reduce the pain and discomfort associated with arthritis. As a result, you may lose weight – this will help relieve pain by reducing the workload on your joints!

A piece of advice we all know like the back of our hands, yet following it is sometimes easier said than done. When you eat better, you feel better. Junk food feeds the inflammation that causes arthritis to become more painful…switch the soda for a smoothie! Fruit is great but vegetables are the best. Don’t forget to be mindful of your alcohol intake – since alcohol can be especially triggering to arthritis, keep the phrase “everything in moderation” in mind!

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