So, The Bugs Have Bitten-Now What?!

In my last article, I talked about ways to avoid bug bites and offered up a homemade bug spray recipe I had found online.  Yet, sometimes bug bites are unavoidable especially on the feet.   Let’s say you forgot your bug spray, or were sleeping and a pesky mosquito made it into your house and had a feast on you!  These things happen.  Although, when they do, the bites can be numerous and itchy and very bothersome!!

What can you do when this happens to you?  Here are some quick fixes for the “itchies” if you find yourself in this situation…

  • ICE! I never really thought of ice in the past when it comes to dealing with bug bites, but when you apply an ice pack to a bug bite, it really helps!  After about ten minutes of having the ice on the bite you’ll find yourself in a wonderful itch-free happy place.
  • ALCOHOL! No, you don’t need to seek out the closest bar or liquor store, silly! (although it may help you forget how much you itch-haha)- I meant rubbing alcohol!  Although, anything that contains a high content of alcohol will do the trick-like mouthwash, or yes, vodka!  So maybe a trip to liquor store isn’t the worse idea, after all…
  • ASPIRIN! Aspirin is a great anti-inflammatory, and works excellently when applied topically.  So, grind up those pills, add a drop of water or two and make it into a paste to put on those itchy bites!
  • TOOTHPASTE! Toothpaste also has anti-inflammatory qualities, and can help provide relief for the itchiness.
  • HYDROCORTISONE CREAM! Always great in this situation, it relieves the itch and the redness, and works wonders on all kinds of skin irritations.
  • BENADRYL or SUDAFED! Either of these pills can provide some major relief, as they are antihistamines-which inhibit the body’s reaction to the bite- basically blocking the feeling of itching.
  • SALT! Basic salt and water when mixed into a paste can also provide relief for bug bite irritation.

Hope this helps if you have been some lucky bugs’ dinner!  Not so lucky for you, but at least there are some tricks to help get the “itchies” away.  If you have an irritation that doesn’t go away, worsens, or creates an allergic reaction- see you doctor immediately.  Dr. Scott McKinney and his team of board certified podiatrists are available to see you at any of their eight convenient Houston locations.  Don’t hesitate- call  if you have any foot issue that’s not going away!