Bunionectomy: Is Surgery Necessary?

Let’s say the past few times you’ve visited the podiatrists you’ve brought up a recurring issue with your foot. That issue is pain and discomfort, and the pain is localized around your big toe. Over the past year you’ve noticed your big toe has shifted to point inward and at the base of your big toe, there’s a bulge that has grown in size. That bulge is often warm to the touch and is agitated with higher levels of activity, like running or jumping. It’s a burning, aching pain that throbs at its worst. But what if you haven’t gotten to the point of your bunion developing that the discomfort tends to keep you up at night? How do you know when surgical intervention is necessary?

A bunion happens when your big toe is deformed due to a bony growth at the base of the toe bone. This growth pushes your toe inward and causes inflammation and pain, visible to us by redness and swelling around the growth. Sometimes this happens slowly and never becomes an issue beyond occasional discomfort…but other times, the deformity and its accompanying discomfort can become debilitating. It can negatively impact the sufferers sleeping habits, keeping them up at night, and can deter them from getting the exercise they need due to exercise being too painful on their affected foot.

When the deformity is still relatively mild, treating the bunion at home with pain relief methods can be highly successful. These methods include anti-inflammatory medications, bunion splints to relieve pressure from the bony growth, personal massage, and much more. However, for many, those do-it-yourself treatments aren’t enough and surgical intervention is the next step.

With the support of your podiatrists at McKinney Podiatric Associates, P.A., surgical intervention isn’t all that intimidating. Although they are a nuisance, bunions are extremely common — which means that bunionectomy, or the surgical correction of a bunion, are commonly performed. There’s little reason to worry and many reasons to ask Dr. Scott McKinney at your next appointment what options are available for you. Send us a message or call us today at (713) 946-1500 to get penciled in at one of our 8 convenient locations in the Houston area and surrounding towns.