Cramped Toes Cramping Your Style?”

Are cramped toes cramping your style? If you find yourself frequently plagued by unpleasant cramping in your feet or toes, you may want to listen in! Cramps in the feet or toes might be common but this doesn’t mean you have to be in unnecessary pain. If you’ve ever had a cramp in your feet or toes, you know exactly how painful it can be! A cramp can happen at any time. You might be more prone to getting cramps than other people.

Medical Conditions

If you have a medical condition like diabetes or liver disease, you may develop side effects that negatively impact your nerves. Overactive nerves or nerves that do not function properly can be vulnerable to painful cramping. Be sure to check with your podiatrist and see if there is a correlation between your medical conditions and foot cramps.


Sometimes the medication we take to help us feel better can have unexpected side effects, like susceptibility to cramping. It varies from medication to medication, but diuretics and medications for cholesterol management are known to cause muscle cramping that may affect your feet and toes.

Naturally Aging

When you get older, you eventually begin to lose muscle mass. This means that the muscles left over have to work harder than they did before. Most people start the process of losing muscle mass around age 40, but this can be combatted by being more active as you age.

Activity Levels

Being active will always benefit you no matter what age you are, but physical activity is especially beneficial to those in the aging process. It’s extremely important, however, to understand your boundaries for physical exertion and to stay hydrated. Exerting yourself too much and getting dehydrated are major triggers for cramping!

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