Don’t Give Boots the Boot!

It’s a common misconception that boots are just for folks in professions that work mostly outside, in construction, or in any rugged terrain. There is certainly a reason why professionals in these work environments rely on boots to get their work done effectively and safely, but those benefits to wearing a pair of high quality boots aren’t just for working in rugged environments!

Boots are known as a type of shoe that covers a portion of your leg as well as the entirety of the foot. Because it covers more than just your foot, boots are known for their protective qualities, making them ideal for rugged working environments. The history of boots go back as far as ancient Greece, from 3000 to 1400 B.C.E, where shoemaking was performed by highly skilled crafters and considered to be a form of fine art. In Greek mythology, the king “Minos” was infamous for his fashion sense, often portrayed as wearing colorful tunics and skirts and sporting many different kinds of shoes, such as boots. Theater was especially important to the ancient Greeks, and historians found that the stage actors in these dramatic plays wore boots during their performances. Even when boots were used in sporting events, the influence of “Minos” inspired their boots to be colorful and decorative.

The rich history of boots as a reliable and safe, yet fashionable, footwear is undeniable. Today, boots have surely evolved in their aesthetic appearances, but their usage remains the same: as a durable, protective form of footwear that can be just as fashionable as other shoes. If you’ve ever tried on a pair of boots and found them to be too bulky or stiff, chances are you hadn’t found the right pair of boots for you. When you find the right pair, they will fit like a dream! The right pair will have the following qualities:

  • Boots are more protective. Even if you don’t regularly go hiking or work in a rugged environment, it never hurts to add extra protection from external hazards.
  • Boots are warmer! It’s common knowledge that boots are worn more often in colder seasons than in the summer. However, it can sometimes still get pretty chilly on summer evenings!
  • Boots are more stable. When compared to flimsy flip-flops or other kinds of slip-on footwear, boots are far more able to prepare your feet to handle uneven or rugged surfaces.

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