Identifying Foot Pain

During the winter months, some of us tend to become more sedentary…unless you’re on top of those New Year’s resolutions! This gives our feet a chance to rest up, a definite perk for those winter months. However, that rest can sometimes mask problems with our feet due to being less active and irritating our problem areas less often. When you start to become more active again, these underlying pains and areas of discomfort become very apparent to us.

Over half of U.S. citizens experience some sort of foot pain or discomfort in their lifetime. Considering how our feet are made up of hundreds of bones, muscles, ligaments, and tendons, identifying exactly what is wrong and where can be a difficult task. When you experience pain in your foot, it’s helpful to observe when, where, and how your foot experiences any pain. For example, if the pain happens on the top of your foot when you feel pressure in the middle sole of your foot, this can indicate a different problem than if you only experience pain in another area when going down a flight of stairs.

A helpful way to identify the specific areas so that you are best prepared to identify them in your next appointment with a podiatrist is to practice a few exercises. While sitting, stretch your leg outwards and roll your ankle around. Practice pointing your foot up and down, side to side, and around in a circle while curling your toes off and on. Pay close attention to when and where you experience pain during these exercises and note them for your doctor.

While seated, you can also roll the soles of your feet across a tennis ball to see if this inspires any pain or discomfort. Be sure to do so gently enough to not hurt yourself, but firmly enough to identify problem areas. Using these methods, you and your trusted podiatrist can have an easier time identifying what may be happening within your feet and what treatment methods would be best for you.

The first step to relieve your foot pain or discomfort is to become your own advocate. Keep track of what pain or discomfort you experience and share it with your trusted podiatrist at your next appointment with Dr. Scott McKinney. You can send us a message or call us today at (713) 946-1500 to get penciled in at one of our 8 convenient locations in the Houston area and surrounding towns.