Keeping Your Feet Safe This Summer

We’re in the hottest stretch of our summer now and what better way to celebrate the heat by enjoying the water! Whether you’re going to the pool or to the beach, white water rafting or kayaking, any podiatrist would recommend adding water footwear to your next adventure. Water footwear is designed to be used during activities that involve the water.

This means that water footwear may be waterproof, but most importantly, designed with the slippery and rough textures of moss and stones in mind to protect your feet. When considering which water footwear suits the summer adventures you have planned, keep these three factors in mind: safety, comfort, and durability.

Safety is super important. If you find yourself exiting a water raft and stepping onto submerged stones coated in slippery moss, you will want your water footwear to have good traction to prevent slipping. A sprained ankle from slipping on moss is no fun!

Comfort is key to foot health. Unlike regular shoes, water footwear is much more comfortable when wet. Being active in and around the water can quickly cause fatigue and soreness, but a comfortable pair of water footwear can avoid discomfort.

Durability is definitely a priority. Regular shoes use materials, like leather, that break down over time as they are exposed to water. Some materials can even develop mold if not properly dried after getting wet! Water footwear is guaranteed to last through all of your water adventures.

What fun is it to spend all summer unable to enjoy the water safely? Investing in a pair of water footwear that is right for you will reward you with fond memories of safe, happy feet and an adventure in the great outdoors. Explore your options and utilize McKinney Podiatric Associates, P.A. for advice on what would work best for you when planning your next outdoor adventure. Being active is a lot more fun when your feet aren’t in discomfort!

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