Why are Kids’ Feet Bigger Now?

So, I don’t know about you, but I have noticed that kids’ feet seem to be bigger these days than in past years.  In fact, when I see children/adolescents, their average shoe sizes are higher than some adults!  Why is this?  Is there something in the milk/food/air/water?  Just for fun, I did a little research to see what the scientific findings out there are pertaining to this subject.

Apparently, our feet ARE bigger now than in past generations.  The nation’s feet have grown significantly, and apparently are bigger and taller these days!  And this may not be a good thing…

In the world of shoes, things are changing, and not always for the better.  Size six is the new four (for women), and size 10 the new eight (for men).  According to The College of Podiatry, our feet are definitely getting bigger, increasing by an average of two sizes in the past forty years.  In the past, a size 14 shoe marked a man out as a giant amongst men.  Not anymore!  Now retailers who used to stop stocking their shelves at a size 12, stock sizes 13 &14 as standard.  Men typically request shoes in sizes 9,10,11, &12 these days, whereas in the past sizes 6 and 7 were common for men.

So, besides messing with the stock of shoes within stores, what does this mean for foot health, and health in general?  One downside of larger feet is that people often try to squeeze their feet into shoes that are too small for them.  Women are especially guilty of this, vanity being the fueling factor much of the time.  The consequences of this are: pain, bunions, foot deformities and joint problems.

The other side of this phenomenon is that our bodies are getting bigger, as well, not just our feet.  Rising obesity is a major health problem in America these days.  With all the extra weight that so many people are carrying, it’s not surprising that feet are spreading to support it!  People that are obese experience many foot problems… the list is long, and they are often uncomfortable.

So, perhaps the answer is better food choices being made during childhood.  Lack of hormone-laden foods is a smart idea both for our feet and our bodies!  If you are having a foot or ankle problem, Dr. Scott McKinney and his team of board certified podiatrists can help.  At McKinney Podiatric Associates they have eight Houston locations available to visit.  You can rest assured that their team has the expertise to diagnose and treat whatever lower extremity problem you may be facing.  Call them today!