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“The High Cost of High Heels”

There is an old saying that “pain is beauty,” and nothing comes to mind quicker than the plight of those who live and swear by wearing high heels. In the downtown streets of Houston, high heels are bound to be seen on the feet of many folks. You can’t blame them for being drawn to […]

Is Your Child Foot-Intelligent?

For children, many decision-making situations can be overwhelming. When it comes to picking the right pair of shoes for your child, there’s no exception to this rule. Children are constantly growing little by little every day, and before you know it, those shoes you bought for them last week won’t fit by this time next […]

Summer Heat & Cracked Feet

Now that we’re in the last legs of summer, we may start to see some changes in our feet. All of this extra activity during the warmer months from swimming, hiking, or playing barefoot in the yard is sure to take a toll on our feet. Sometimes this added activity paired with the exposure of […]

Keeping Your Feet Safe This Summer

We’re in the hottest stretch of our summer now and what better way to celebrate the heat by enjoying the water! Whether you’re going to the pool or to the beach, white water rafting or kayaking, any podiatrist would recommend adding water footwear to your next adventure. Water footwear is designed to be used during […]

How To Maximize Your Summer Pedicures

When you hear that someone is going to go get a pedicure, you instantly visualize a relaxing environment that may include a massage chair, hot stones, and soft, calming music. For some, pedicures are an occasional luxury, while others regularly visit their favorite pedicurist monthly, or even weekly! There are pros and cons to getting […]

6 Ways To Ensure A Good Fit

Our feet,​ ​like​ ​the​ ​foundation​ ​of​ ​a​ ​building,​ ​are​ ​important​ ​to​ ​providing​ ​structure​ ​and​ ​stability​ ​in our​ ​bodies.​ ​Improperly​ ​fitting​ ​shoes​ ​aren’t​ ​just​ ​uncomfortable–they​ ​can​ ​cause​ ​damage​ ​in​ ​the​ ​long term​ ​to​ ​our​ ​lower​ ​extremities.​ ​Everyone’s​ ​feet​ ​are​ ​different.​ ​The​ ​shape​ ​of​ ​our​ ​feet​ ​will​ ​change throughout​ ​our​ ​lives​ ​as​ ​we​ ​age​, and even​ ​if​ […]

Your Toenail Took the Wrong Exit- Now What?

Ingrown nails are a common source of toe pain. Why didn’t the stubborn nail just stop and ask for directions before burrowing, painfully into the outskirts of your poor, throbbing toe? Onychocryptosis is the fancy way of saying Ingrown Toenail.  An ingrown toenail is a treatable nail disease.  At McKinney Podiatric Associates we explore some […]