The Silent Symptoms of Poor Circulation

If you were to ask someone how they would rate their circulatory health on a scale of one to ten, you would probably get a confused look followed by “uhh, I don’t know.” If you’re lucky, they might even give it a half-hearted guess! Stop and think – have you ever thought about your circulation? What about ways to improve it? If your answer is no, that’s okay! Dr. Scott McKinney says it’s never too late to get interested.

If you’ve ever had a trip to your podiatrist because of pain in your feet, you will want to know how to tell if your circulation is silently becoming a problem. For some people, it starts out simply with some aches and pains in their feet after a long day. As their decreased circulation goes without medical attention, they may also experience their feet becoming cold easily and quickly, or their feet will “fall asleep” and feel like “pins and needles” more often than before.

When poor circulation worsens, it will develop into more outwardly noticeable symptoms, such as a decrease in hair growth from the knees down or their toes becoming discolored to shades of red, purple, or even blue. Even in the early stages of poor circulation, simply putting your feet up and taking all pressure off of your soles feels immensely relieving. Understandably, putting your feet up feels great for anyone! It’s typically when you have two or more of these early warning symptoms that poor circulation should become a front and center concern for you and your trusted podiatrist.

Don’t worry, there are plenty of ways to help improve your circulation! For starters, making sure your shoes aren’t too tight, or even opting for orthotic shoes can help improve the circulation in your feet. If you work in an office, making sure you stand and walk around every 15-30 minutes can help improve circulation as well. Maybe next year you could opt for standing at the bar on St. Patrick’s Day instead of sitting!

These and more fantastic tips to improve your circulatory health are just an appointment away. If you suspect you’re experiencing poor circulation, don’t wait until it gets worse. Visit us online to schedule an appointment or call our main office today at (713) 946-1500. At McKinney’s Podiatric Associates, P.A., we’re here to help you put your health first.