Summer Toes Can Be Show Stoppers

Summer Toes should be stylish and sassy, but if you want to make your feet a “Total 10” then all 10 toes need a decent, easy to repeat regimen.  Here are the 5 ways to get more gorgeous feet.

Modest toes are happy Toes

When you are able, keep your toes protected from the extreme weather changes we often experience in the Houston Texas area. Luckily for our patients, there are seven convenient locations to serve you. Make sure your toes are not squeezed too hard, and adjust straps shoes to allow plenty of circulation. If your toes are exposed, don’t let the shoe fabric cut into your skin.

If the shoe fits…

Cinderella was an unfair foot comparison because let’s be real, glass slippers would be THE WORST slippers ever.  Even though the story is told as if Cinderella lost a shoe, there is a good chance the poor thing probably just kicked off the glass slippers in hopes to revive her tootsies from the torture she endured while wearing them. Wear shoes that fit to avoid many unsightly problems, like blisters, hammer toes, calluses and discoloration from badly distributed pressure.


Keep a high quality cream specially formulated for dry, cracked heels, and rough skin.  Moisture is beauty.

Pedicure for the boys and the girls

Everyone deserves a treat and a pedicure is a worthy boost to your overall social life, and it stimulates healthy circulation, which adds color and life to your feet.

Schedule with a board certified podiatrist, such as Scott McKinney. Routine visits to see a podiatrist will ensure that you address any foot problems you may experience, from aesthetic concerns to vital health issues. These visits give you an opportunity to share your thoughts about your foot health with the Houston Texas area’s best group of board certified podiatrists.

Make an appointment  online with our downloadable patient forms, or call our main office at  (713) 946-1500.  Our main location is at 3692 East Sam Houston Pkwy S #100 Pasadena, TX 77505. Never ignore severe pain, extreme discoloration or sudden changes in the appearance of feet.  When in doubt, go to the emergency room.

Follow these guidelines and your toes will be gorgeous to step onto the seasonal spotlight.  See you at the foot salon!