Take A Hike, But Do It Right!

As the leaves change colors and fall from the trees, our choices of footwear change for the season as well. The beauty of the autumn and winter seasons are undeniable. Often times here in Texas, the summer seasons can be too brutal to truly enjoy the great outdoors.

Dr. Scott McKinney encourages you to consider your options to get outside and enjoy the views with friends and family. Not only is it great for your mental health but your physical health too, keeping your legs, ankles, and feet moving and flexible! Maybe you’ve been eyeing a hiking trail and want to try it out this weekend. Here’s some advice on how to tackle your hiking bucket list in a safe way for your feet and ankles.

  • Do some research. When it comes to finding friendly trails, Google is your best friend! You can also ask some friends on social networking websites who could give you personal recommendations as well. You could even invite that friend with you to the trail if they have already been there!
  • When looking for an ideal trail, be sure to consider your current activity level. If you’re often sedentary but want to get active, you might not want to start with Mt. Everest! Find a local park or conservation park with trails that are categorized as “easy” or “family friendly” and that are clearly marked.
  • Once you’ve found a trail to start with, plan your day. This will include not only mapping out where you would like to explore, but bringing the necessities to keep you enjoying your hike. A backpack can hold a water bottle or two, a blanket to take a break on, some light snacks to keep you fueled up, and what ever else you may need!

Last but most importantly: make sure you’re wearing the appropriate shoes! You want a pair of quality shoes with soles that are meant for rough terrain. Even if your trail is paved, you may need to go a bit off trail to get the perfect photograph of that beautiful view. With rocky terrain, you can never be too careful.

Address any questions about proper footwear to help you get active at your next appointment with our doctors at McKinney Podiatric Associates. To learn more, message us or call us today at (713) 946-1500 to schedule your next appointment with Dr. McKinney and associates at one of our 8 convenient locations in the Houston area and surrounding towns.