Tips to Alleviate Ankle Pain

Sometimes, out of the blue, we can be faced with ankle pain.  At times, it is spurred on by exercise, or even by simply stepping the “wrong way” and causing an uneven distribution of weight. Ankle pain may also come from arthritis, or lack of proper stretching after strenuous activity.  Although, when ankle pain persists or impedes everyday activities, the ankle may be twisted or sprained, and it is time to see the doctor!

At the office of McKinney Podiatric Associates, P.A., you can rest assure you are in good hands, and will be on the road to recovery!

If you are experiencing ankle pain at home, and haven’t made that visit to any of the eight convenient office locations in Pasadena, Houston, Baytown, Pearland, and Alvin, Texas, here are some tips to manage your pain, and hopefully get that ankle on the mend!

  • Stretch! Try doing some gentle stretching exercises. Move the ankle in circular movements until it feels looser.
  • Massage! Sometimes gently massaging the area or having someone do it for you (even better!) can make the pain subside.
  • Walk! Taking a leisurely walk is often enough to loosen the tense muscles and make you feel better.
  • Ice! If you are feeling like your ankle is twisted or sprained, take a flexible ice pack or bag of frozen veggies, elevate your leg, and rest it on the ankle for 10 minute periods.
  • Take a bath! Try having a nice soak in the tub with Epsom salts. The warm water and Epsom salts can do wonders for strained muscles and joints.

When the pain is chronic, and outside help is needed, head over to see the doctors at McKinney Podiatric Associates.  The highly skilled team of board certified doctors will provide the highest quality services to their patients and community in the most cost effective manner possible. The team of professionals include: Dr. Scott McKinney, Dr. Jorge Cuza, Dr. Mark Moss, Dr.Francisco Cuza, Dr. Edna Reyes-Guerrero, and Dr.Hina Hassan, all DPM’s with additional certifications.  If you have any questions, contact us at any of our offices or request an appointment.